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[JavaScript][Ajax] ExtJS 3 extension for Checkbox cascade and bubble / tri-state selection by Ext.tree.TreePanel

@what is this?

Ext.tree.TreePanel of ExtJS 3 supports selection by checkbox.

but unfortunately it lacks feature of cascade and bubble / tri-state selection like GXT or SmartGWT.
see discussion, here.

so i wrote extension for this feature.


example is here, and source is here.

@how to use?

  • include the stylesheet/extension by link/script tag.
  • set TreePanel's property "cascading: true"
  • set root node's property "checked: (true|false)".

that's all.


note that this works only with ExtJS 3.4.
latest version, ExtJS 4.2 still lacks this feature(see here), but ExtJS 4's tree implementation( Ext.tree.Panel) is completely brand-new.
so unfortunately my extension doesn't work anymore.